General Accounting Check Distribution

Check Distribution

The General Accounting Office is responsible for the mailing of vendor checks, excluding those payments handled by Payroll or Student Accounts. Checks are normally ready for distribution after 2:00pm on the day following processing by Accounts Payable.

If you are expecting a check from Washington State University and have not received it, please contact the issuing department to determine if the request for payment has been submitted to the Controller’s Office for processing. If the issuing department has submitted the request for payment, contact the appropriate section of the Controller’s Office:

Bursar's Office (scholarships and financial aid) (509) 335-9651
Payroll Office (salaries and wages) (509) 335-9575
Contracts Desk (payments on contracts) (509) 335-2020
Travel Section (travel advances and reimbursements) (509) 335-2034
Revenue Section (refunds) (509) 335-8165
Accounts Payable (other payments) (509) 335-2060